Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Instructional Maual on chidren with diabetes Essay

Instructional Maual on chidren with diabetes - Essay Example Patients suffering from type 1 diabetes are forced to take insulin injections throughout their lives. In type 2 diabetes, body cells fail to react with insulin. It could also be caused by insufficient insulin production by the body. Gestational Diabetes affects women during the pregnancy period. This occurs due to increased blood glucose level, which reduces the amount of insulin produced in the body. Insulin is necessary for glucose transportation. Children living with diabetes (type 1 diabetes) require non-stop daily management, implying that they must become experts of their own condition and should be highly informed than the average doctor in order to manage the daily demands of the disease. According to scientific research, type 1 diabetes is partly hereditary. A vast number of differing genes are involved in the inheritance of the disease. However, children do not inherit the actual disease. They inherit genes that make them susceptible to contracting the disease. Type 1 diabetes that infects children is categorized as an autoimmune disorder. This means that the disease acts as an allergy in the bodies of infected children. It, therefore, makes their immune system to cause an attack on part of their bodies. However, the exact cause of diabetes in children is still unknown. The symptoms of diabetes in children start when pancreatic cells start deteriorating over a long period of time. Pancreatic cells play the role of insulin produce. Eventually, the cells reach a point when they start producing lower than 20 percent of the total insulin amount required by the body. At this point, diabetes is diagnosed. In many children, diabetic symptoms have been observed to begin shortly after a cold, flu or another infection. Diabetes symptoms in children include weight loss shortly after diagnosis of the disease, vomiting and tiredness. About 30, 000 children in the US are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Diabetes

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